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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I have visited Medical Offices of Manhattan several times in past months, and have been seen by two of the doctors who practice there. In both cases, the doctors were very patient with me, listened attentively to my concerns, gave me a thorough examination and arranged for appropriate prescriptions. I also did not have to wait longer than 10 minutes in their comfortable and cheerful waiting room.

I am very pleased with my medical care at Medical Offices of Manhattan and feel quite comfortable with the services and care provided. I have also recommended my doctors to others, as well.

I recently needed to see a doctor to have some important papers completed for a volunteer experience in a foreign country. Having seen the sign for Medical Office of Manhattan, I made an appointment with Dr. Julian for an examination, a medical review, and to discuss my forthcoming trip and what medical clearance I would need from her.
First, making the appointment was very easy, and I was able to be seen at the time I was available. Second, the office was bright, cheerful, and professional, thereby allaying any anxiety I had.
Dr. Julian proved herself to be a thoroughly knowledgeable doctor and helped to secure all the paperwork I needed. Moreover, she reviewed all my medical needs, called my provider for medications I would require while away and had the foresight to make certain I had the appropriate immunizations brought up to date. I was in and out in a short time and could then relax and look forward to my interview for my trip.
I found Dr. Julian to be thorough in her approach, accommodating, and I was very comfortable talking with her. The office staff made certain that everything flowed smoothly for my visit and were very friendly in welcoming me to their office.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Julian and M.O.M. and I am thrilled that their office is in my neighborhood of mid-town east!