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Medical Offices of Manhattan

So genuinely nice, thorough and caring, I’ve been searching for a new primary physician for years now, and after much doubt about who to go to, Dr. Kalik was eventually recommended to me by my sister. I called several months ago for an appointment and the soonest I could be seen was in April. I took the appointment because I trusted my sister’s judgment and didn’t want to settle on starting a relationship with an uninterested doctor who doesn’t make me feel comfortable and doesn’t give me the feeling that my health is their priority (sadly I’ve seen too many doctors that have rushed me and made me feel like a customer they just want to write a prescription to and dismiss as soon as possible). Well, Dr. Kalik was absolutely worth the wait. She is the kind of doctor that all doctors should aspire to be! She was so nice, gentle, down to earth, friendly and truly interested in learning about my past and current health, and any concerns I may have had. I just got such a great feeling with her. She was fantastic.