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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Drs Kapoor and Sutantio were EXCELLENT!, It was wonderful meeting with both Dr. Sutantio (NP) and Dr. Kapoor. Dr. Sutantio spent a great deal of time with me answering questions and getting a thorough medical history. She offered services I didn’t even know I was eligible for (vaccines) and was very informative. Dr. Kapoor came in at the end of the visit to plan my health goals and go over my options for follow up care. The nurse who took my vitals was so kind. I was quite grouchy and unpleasant when she first came in the room due to being hungry (NPO for labs). She informed me that my annual exam was early and gave me privacy&extra time to call my insurance to confirm my visit would be covered. I was annoyed by this initially, but when I thought about how much agony and potential money she saved me if the insurance chose not to cover the visit and I had to pay out of pocket, I was grateful to her for the advice and time to ensure proper coverage for all the services they provided. It was a great experience overall.