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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Attentive and caring , not just Dr. Alex but also the front desk staff and everyone else. There was no pressure to rush me out of the door. I was concerned I may have long haul COVID symptoms causing shortness of breath, so they immediately did a breathing test, heart EKG, heart sonogram, and blood work, all within the same appointment for an annual physical. I’ve had other medical practices parse these appointments out over a long amount of time and not give me any face time with my primary care provider — so this really stood out to me about Dr. Alex and this medical practice in general. They also have this season’s flu shot in stock and offered it to me during the physical, so if you’re looking to knock that off your to-do list, they’ve got that too. Overall: Very positive and efficient visit. Got answers to all of my questions. This was my first time visiting and I believe I’ve found my new primary care provider