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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Dr. Kini, her PA, and nurse were all very kind and friendly people. I felt my concerns were addressed and the visit was productive in determining next steps for treatment. My only complaint is regarding logistics in that there seems to be little communication between reception and the physicians and the systems used (e.g. Zocdoc), which creates a less seamless experience. I booked a gastroenterology consultation through Zocdoc and the receptionist seemed to have no knowledge of it and assumed I was coming in for an annual check-up. While I clarified with her that it was a consultation, the nurse that I first met with assumed the same thing and I had to clarify again. She insisted that this was an internist practice and I assured her that I scheduled the appointment with an internist anyway. The confusion left me worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get my concerns addressed, but it seems they cleared it up by the time the PA came. Lastly, the doctor outlined next steps, but when I went to check out at reception, they had no clue what I was supposed to be checking out for and expected me to provide them with that info. It seems odd to me that the onus falls on the patient to execute next steps when the patient could easily misinterpret/forget what the doctor ordered and not get the right treatment. I had to have the receptionist check with the physicians to make sure as I didn’t remember all the details. This is probably the biggest area of improvement in my opinion, as I’ve never experienced it at other practices.