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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I am not sure why Dr. Julian has so many negative reviews, or even a single negative review. I have been seeing Dr. Julian for several years now and I haven’t switched PCPs for the sole fact that her bedside manner is exactly what I need. Dr. Julian is sweet, kind, caring, and explanative. I never feel rushed out of the room. I agree with some that she is thorough, and she will order every test in the book unless you specifically say it’s unnecessary (or be sure to ask the front desk staff if your insurance will cover it — and if you have sucky insurance, you can’t blame that on M.O.M.!). Some of the lower level staff are mehhh, but Dr. Julian and all of her NPs have been awesome to me. I also love that this practice has its own blood lab, dermo and cardio within the same complex. Makes for easy medical one stop shopping! I’ve referred at least 5 friends to Dr. Julian throughout the years and they all think she’s great!