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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I’ve been looking for PCP since I moved here to NY, do some research. I was hesitant to even go here cause of the reviews. But Hey it’s not that bad! Maybe mostly for those who’s been with the practice before the merger happened.
I couldn’t be happier with the service that this office provides, the facility is clean, the front desk is friendly especially Kate I think is her name always smiling, helpful and very polite, refreshing to see one person like that. I even got help printing out the forms that my Dad needed for his pre-op, she also helped me and my Dad scheduling appointments that we have been trying to schedule for NYU where we are referred to from their cardiologist that takes a long time and really hard btw to get an appointment to.
Moving forward to their Providers down to the Specialist the PA Grobman is terrific! Very thorough and passionate! She is kind, pleasant and explained things well. Great service and she follows up really well!
For the Ortho care that my friend had cause he got into an accident recently, he said that Doctors are great he was seen right away by the ortho and X-ray is right there too which is convenient. Results are back fast he even recommends the office to his wife. The services are wonderful, all services are personalized to meet the needs and preventative care of patients.

The only reason why I gave this a 4 not 5 is that the calls are unanswered or being put on hold for quite too long then drops.I hope they are aware and doing something about this, also the wait after you get checked in, even you arrive early. I guess the office being very busy, but I would still recommend going here and give it a try.