What Is Psychiatry? Psychiatry is a field of medicine which aims to diagnose these disorders and treat them through a variety of techniques which include talk therapy, cognitive exercises and, when necessary, prescription medication. According to the World Health...

Sandy Lowe, MD

FollowFollowFollowFollow As a Neuropsychiatrist and expert in Translational Clinical Neuroscience, he has special interests in depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. He also has expertise in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), cognitive impairments, dementia, and...


Psychiatry at Medical Offices of Manhattan will provide you with a safe and secure environment that is free from judgement. Therefore, the best way to prepare for psychiatric treatment is to be honest. The more honest you are about how you are feeling, the better your...

COVID-19 Patient Safety

Patient safety is our utmost priority at The Medical Offices of Manhattan. Our staff has exercised diligent efforts to maximize safety measures to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome while visiting us.

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