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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Our Founder’s Story | Dr. Robert Segal | Medical Offices of Manhattan

At Medical Offices of Manhattan, we work together using the most innovative methods and the latest technology to ensure our patients make the right decisions and receive the right care. Medical Offices of Manhattan’s mission is simple: to provide invaluable diagnostic and treatment recommendations. Our mantra is just as simple: early detection is paramount to prevention.

My name is Dr. Robert Segal, I’m Founder and CEO of Manhattan Cardiology and Medical Offices of Manhattan, affectionately we call it MOM. We opened our first practice in 2010. Manhattan Cardiology, just one office, it was myself and two other staffers. Over the last 10 years, we’ve been able to expand to six offices. I think my experience that I had with my own father really was an inflection point for me to make an impact and make a change in my own personal life. My father was not a complainer. He had gone to his local doctor for some vague symptoms and his doctor basically blew him off. And the doctor just wasn’t really providing the care that I thought was needed. My dad had told me that the doctor told him he felt it was nothing and sent him on his way. It was one month before my sister’s wedding. While getting ready and kind of excited and he just looked off to me. When I saw him, I was like, “You know what? This is not my dad. Something’s up.” So I put my doctor hat on and I said, “You’re going get a cardiology test and I’m going to tell you what to do.” And he had three vessels severely blocked, which probably would’ve led him to a heart attack at the time at my sister’s wedding. Luckily, we found it. Two 99% blockages and one 95% blockage that were opened and he felt great.

Certainly made the celebration for my sister’s wedding quite nice to know that my dad was saved. I took a look back at that moment and I said, “If I can do that for my father, I should be able to do that for each and every person who walks in that door in a vulnerable setting and is needing care.” I wanted to make sure that New Yorkers felt like there was a place to go, and not be ignored, or felt like they were just put through the mill. So we developed a really team-based approach and we built out Medical Offices of Manhattan in 2012.

And as I said, we affectionately called Medical Offices of Manhattan MOM. It’s a place where you feel like your family could be taken care of just like MOM takes care of you. I think our team-based approach, having other providers, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, dermatologists really gave that collaborative approach where patients knew they could come to Medical Offices of Manhattan and Manhattan Cardiology and feel like they were taken care of from a standpoint of convenience to getting the best care from different specialists at one location. I think having the opportunity to have these different high caliber subspecialties in one office has been really a godsend to our patients and New Yorkers alike. Care that never quits, that’s our motto and mantra. New Yorkers deserve the best, we firmly believe that, and we work as a team to accomplish those goals.