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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Meet Lily Grobman | Medical Offices of Manhattan | Physician Assistant

Lily Grobman is a Physician Assistant and has been working with patients atMedical Offices of Manhattan – Uptown since 2014. She received a Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Maryland and earned her Masters from the Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program. Lily now serves as a Preceptor for Pace University Physician Assistant students.

Lily has been able to use her background in psychology while working with patients struggling with anxiety and depression.Lily has worked extensively with young millennial’s living in New York City to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on nutrition, exercise, and sexual health. Through this practice, Lily has become a favorite of members within the LGBTQ community.

My name is Lily Grobman and I’m a physician assistant here at Medical Offices of Manhattan. I received my master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Pace University in 2014. While I was a student I rotated here at MOM and I’ve been working here full time ever since.

I grew up in a very medical family. My whole family is in some way in the medical field, and I’ve always been really interested in medicine and being able to help people, really interested in science. Yeah, it was always just something that I knew I wanted to do.

So a physician assistant is a licensed medical professional. We go through a little bit of a different training than med school. It’s specific physician assistant school and you get a lot of on the job training. So we have a very important relationship with our collaborating physicians and really work directly with them, but they’re also there to help supervise. Any time that we have questions or if there is a difficult case, it’s really amazing to be able to work with someone directly that you guys can work together on this and really provide excellent patient care.

My supervising physician, Dr. Pate and I have been working together for about four years now and she’s amazing. We have such a great relationship. She’s always available if I need any assistance or if I have questions, and I find that I’m always learning from her and she’s really, really allowed me to become a better provider and teaches me daily. So I’m very lucky to have such a great relationship with her.

I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love to travel. Originally from Miami, so I go back there often, which is really nice too. I have a two year old daughter, so she keeps me really busy.

The first step in patient care is truly forming that relationship. Getting to see patients year after year, really getting to know them. It really helps to be able to treat them and to be able to make sure that we know them well. If they’re coming in and there’s a change, you know that that’s different from something that they usually say. So it’s really important to have that relationship with a provider and I think that’s amazing about this office is that we can provide that.