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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Meet Dr. Linda Wang | Medical Offices of Manhattan | Primary Care

Meet Dr. Linda Wang, a thorough and friendly internist based in New York, NY. Dr. Wang attended the University of Arizona where she earned her medical degree. She completed her residency in internal medicine at New York University Elaine A. and Kenneth G. Langone Medical Center. Dr. Wang is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and practices up to date evidence-based medicine. She is detail oriented, friendly and personable, which makes her popular among patients. Outside of her practice, Dr. Wang enjoys traveling, exploring diverse cultures and foods, cooking, dancing, and photography. Patients trust Dr. Wang’s expertise because she consistently provides high-quality care that leads to positive and lasting health outcomes.

Dr. Wang is fluent in mandarin and enjoys working with the Mandarin communities of New York City to treat and educate patients.

Hi. I’m Dr. Linda Wang, and I am an internal medicine primary care doctor at the Medical Offices of Manhattan. I earned my medical degree from the University of Arizona, and I moved to New York City to attend NYU for a residency program in the internal medicine specialty and specifically focusing on primary care. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. Honestly wanted to be a forensic pathologist initially. Found out really not for me. I’m more of a people person, and I really loved science behind all disease states. So I feel like patient care, from my end, is just becoming the consultant or the advisor for my patients and so that they can take that information home and apply that in their everyday life to essentially live the best life that they can live with whatever medical conditions that they made have.

So originally I was born and raised in China. I moved to Arizona just because family decided to do so, and they did all their education at University of Arizona. So I ended up staying there, finishing my education, really wanted to explore bigger cities. And mainly because going to medical school, I found that I fell in love with the diversity of disease states, diversity of people and population, and I wasn’t really getting that in Arizona. Thus, I just found that NYU was the place that was best for me to train, mainly because it was literally walking into an international hospital.

Patients from all over the world, being able to learn all kinds of disease states I was never able to see being trained in medical school in Arizona. And also, on a daily basis, I was able to speak Mandarin with my Mandarin-speaking population, and I fell in love taking care of that group of patients. So even throughout my days of training, my three years at NYU, a good proportion of my patients were only fluent Mandarin speakers, and I was able to really brush up and hold onto that. And I was able to also bring that to the Medical Office of Manhattan, and I feel like only really New York City can provide that sort of care from my perspective and also have the city offer me a type of international diversity that I’m able to see on an everyday basis. So it’s never a boring day in my office.