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When Was Your Last Skin Screening?

Did you know November is #NationalHealthySkin month? It is easy to forget about the health of our skin, which is the biggest organ in our bodies. Skin is very important for keeping us safe from the weather, but it can also get sick, including skin cancer. Screenings for skin cancer are very important for finding it early, which can make a huge difference in treatment and healing.

Here are some compelling reasons to get a skin screening

  • Early Detection: Skin cancer checks on a regular basis may help detect the disease in its earlier stages, increasing the likelihood that treatment will be effective.
  • Risk Assessment: There is a possibility that your likelihood of developing skin cancer is increased if you have fair skin, a family history of the disease, or a long history of sun exposure. Skin screens are a useful tool for determining an individual’s risk.
  • Peace of Mind: Skin screenings may give comfort and peace of mind, particularly for those who spend a large amount of time outside in the sun.

Is it covered by insurance?

Insurance often covers preventative skin screenings because they are frequently part of annual physicals. Preventative therapies for skin cancer may or may not be covered, though. Removal of a suspicious mole, for example, may be covered. Make sure you contact your insurance company and fully grasp the nuances of your policy.

Early diagnosis and peace of mind depend on routine skin checks. Knowing the specifics of your insurance coverage is essential, since certain preventive skin cancer therapies may be covered. Schedule a skin check right now with Dr. Amy Huang to ensure the health of your skin and body.