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Medical Offices of Manhattan

When struck with health scares that could be minor or major, it is human nature to be upset, scared and feel sorry for ourselves. In addition to the treatment and medicine that we take to heal ourselves, it is critical to also practice the power of a positive mindset. Looking at your situation with a different perspective can do wonders to help your body’s healing process.

TV and Radio host Maria Menounos was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent surgery for treatment. Not many of us would blame Maria for feeling extremely scared and even sorry for herself.

While she likely had private moments where she felt devastated about her bad luck and understandably may have feared for her life, Maria ultimately made the choice to look at her situation as a blessing, as it helped her evaluate her life. She decided to be more compassionate to herself. She also asked herself what is her purpose (here on earth).

A positive outlook on life has tremendous health benefits. This positive mindset can be especially helpful when you may be faced with a serious health situation of your own. For more about Maria’s story, go here.