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Overcoming Sugar Cravings: Three Effective Methods

Do you have a need for anything sweet? You are not alone. Sugar cravings may creep up on us at any time, but if you use a few simple tactics, you can successfully combat them. In a previous posting we mentioned three types of cravings (habitual, emotional, and physical). Here are some strategies for beating them, with examples.

Address Habitual Cravings

Example: You may stop the habit of eating sugary snacks at particular times of the day by replacing such snacks with choices that are better for your health. Choose some fresh fruit, such as berries, or a handful of almonds as your snack instead. Your body will, over time, adapt to the new, healthier choices you’ve been making.

Tackle Emotional Cravings

Example: Emotional eating frequently causes sugar cravings. Find other strategies to deal with the feelings you are experiencing. Take part in enjoyable activities like going for a stroll, practicing mindfulness, or picking up the phone to talk to a friend. Finding better reactions requires first identifying the emotional trigger that sets off the chain reaction.

Combat Physical Cravings

Example: Your body craves sweetness, and natural alternatives may help you give it what it needs. Choose healthy foods like dates and sweet potatoes that have a sweetness that comes from their nutritious components. These options have the potential to satisfy your body’s need for sweetness without causing a surge in blood sugar.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated; dehydration might cause you to experience false hunger or a longing for sweets. Drink lots of water throughout the day to remain hydrated and keep cravings at bay.
  • Try to eat meals that have a good ratio of protein to healthy fats and fiber. This aids in preventing unexpected cravings and keeping blood sugar levels constant.
  • Prepare in advance by always having access to nutritious food options. Be ready for hunger pangs by stocking up on fruit salads, veggie sticks with hummus, and homemade energy snacks.

Remember that the goal is not to get rid of all sugar, but to find a balance. Making small changes to your habits over time can help you control your sugar cravings in a big way. You can regain control over your urges and have a better relationship with food if you know what sets them off and make choices based on that information.