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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Medical Offices of Manhattan believes in preventative medicine as the core of our mission. National Nutrition Month reminds us how important healthy eating, regular exercise and regimented sleep habits are to keeping us at our best – inside and out.

Check out some of the tips we have shared on social this month and help us continue the momentum!

  1. At every meal, fill HALF of your plate up with colorful fruits and veggies!
  2. Make conscious food decisions rather than grabbing for what is most convenient. Make sure it is something delicious and savor it. When you enjoy what you eat, you feel satisfied.
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  3. Sleep is the third major factor of our health, so make it a priority!
  4. Make healthy choices while on vacation (like Spring Break). Set aside time for some form of physical activity.
  5. NO SMOKING! Smokers have bigger bellies and less muscle than non-smokers and are more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes, even if they don’t smoke every day.