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A recent article on dives into some common, but also some “not-so-common” everyday items that some segments of the population may be susceptible to.

The common allergies are pollen, dust, pet dander, peanuts and more…

But there are plenty of lesser known materials, foods and environmental conditions that cause allergic reactions which might make you say, “Really?!?”.

Hey, when you see this list of 31 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know You Could Be Allergic To, you might even come to a realization about what secretly might have giving you a coughing fit, or suddenly caused severe eye irritation.

An allergic reaction occurs when the body misreads something that’s typically harmless as being dangerous, explains Kevin McGrath, MD, spokesperson for the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. “The immune system creates special white blood cells, called antibodies, to defend against this apparent threat similarly to how it would fight an infection or illness,” he says. (That’s where symptoms like swelling, itching, runny nose, and wheezing come in.)

Here’s the first 5 items on the list:
1) Jewelry
2) Cell Phone and Tablets
3) Pants Buttons
4) Wool
5) Flea Market Furniture

For the rest of list, click here.