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Medical Offices of Manhattan

 You would hope that cosmetics would undergo serious safety oversight before they get used on our face, body and hair… but unfortunately we are finding out that this is not always the case.

We need to understand that the cosmetics industry is largely self-regulated, with no requirements for approval before going on the market.  And once on the market, there are few systems in place to monitor the safety of personal care products.

If you don’t know why you’ve recently been breaking out in a rash, experiencing nausea, or even stress for seemingly no reason, it could very well be that new skin our hair product you’re using.  It is also not unusual to experience symptoms ranging from frequent burping to a “racy heartbeat”, or bumpy skin from health supplements that you ingest… even if the pills are “all-natural”. But, please use new health supplements with caution and it is an even better idea to consult with your doctor about the ingredients, as all-natural pills can still have adverse effects if you have certain medical conditions.

You can report your bad experience to the manufacturer or tell the Food and Drug Administration. And while that might get you an apology and some coupons, there is no guarantee that your case will be investigated, or that a manufacturer will report it to the FDA.

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