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The Biofire Respiratory Panel is a comprehensive diagnostic panel which accurately tests for the presence of 16 different respiratory infections, including COVID-19.

What can you expect during a Respiratory Panel?
The test is a simple nasal swab, similar to other PCR tests. The panel itself takes around 45 min and you will get your results the same day.

How can I book one?
A respiratory panel can be administered during a sick visit, especially if you are experiencing any symptoms of a viral or bacterial respiratory infection, including coughing, sneezing, fever, trouble breathing, or cold/flu symptoms.

These symptoms may be more serious in some patients than others, but knowing the cause of your symptoms is doubly important as we attempt to contain COVID.

COVID-19 Patient Safety

Patient safety is our utmost priority at The Medical Offices of Manhattan. Our staff has exercised diligent efforts to maximize safety measures to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome while visiting us.

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