How well do you know your doctor? In most cases, probably not all that well. At Medical Offices of Manhattan, we couldn’t be more proud of our roster of highly-trained physicians and that includes the brilliant Dr. Daniel Kim. He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Psychology and completed his medical degree at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. After completion of his family medicine residency at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton in California, he dedicated the next four years, serving the United States military community as a Navy Family Physician.


What are the greatest lessons your patients have taught you?

Humility. To put myself in their shoes and see things from their perspective.


Is there a particular concern that you feel has increased in relevancy amongst your patients in the past year?

Mental health and well-being. Not addressing potential underlying mental ailments such as anxiety and depression leading to physical manifestations. The stigma of acknowledging mental well-being and seeking out help still exists.


Is there a patient demographic you specialize in?

Men’s health!


Do you have your own personal wellness/health regimen?

Nothing specific. I just try to make healthy choices, avoid junk food/fast food, eat the right foods, and exercise regularly. My exercise regimen consists of weight-training and playing basketball and hockey.


What is your favorite spot in New York City?

Sheep Meadow in Central Park.


Name one indulgence you could never live without?



What profession would you be practicing if you weren’t practicing medicine?

I honestly can’t picture myself doing anything other than medicine


What do you feel is missing from our current healthcare system?

Prioritizing the doctor-patient relationship. Re-kindling the trust of the general population with their primary care physician without the haggle of insurance companies and other third parties.


Who is your favorite movie doctor?

Robin Williams in Patch Adams and Good Will Hunting


What’s one health trend you can completely get behind?

Virtual training apps. It can be tailored to meet your personal goals of eating healthy and losing weight. You can also pick out an exercise regimen to fit your preferences in the comfort of your own home/gym/office.


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