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Medical Offices of Manhattan

New research shows that the percentage of adult Americans who are either overweight or obese is rising higher than ever. But a frightening counterintuitive data point shows that the number of these adults who have thus switched to a healthier diet has actually dropped during the same period (according to the Journal of the American Medical Association).

The authors of this obesity study suggest their findings may show that people are less likely “to desire weight loss than previously, limiting the effectiveness of public health campaigns aimed at weight reduction.” On the other hand, those authors suggested, “there may be health benefits associated with improved body image.”

Having a positive self-image can absolutely be great for your health. However, it can be a very dangerous mindset to believe this is enough to overcome the numerous negative affects of a high-sugar, high-fat, high calorie diet that could lead to obesity and other serious health conditions. For the full article click here.