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There Are Absolutely Times When You Need A Mental Health Day

For decades there has been a stigma surrounding mental health. Thankfully, this stigma has slowly but steadily been fading as our society advances… but. we’re not there yet.

For example, if you came down with a physical health issue such as the flu, you’d likely need to stay home and rest. And your co-workers would likely thank you for not coming into the office when you’re sick.

But mental health rarely gets the same respect. Instead, people are told to “get over it” when they’re struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.

You must realize that mental health is part of your overall health. And if you don’t proactively address your mental health, you won’t be able to perform at your best.
If you’re struggling to handle stress, regulate your thoughts, or manage your emotions at work (and at home), a day or two away from the office could give you the self-care you need to get back on track.
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