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Hormones are obviously an important part of how our bodies function, but most of us don’t know very much about their roles and how they can impact our health. You might blame your hormones for your PMS-related mood swings or annoying breakouts, but it’s hard to know if you’ve got a more persistent hormonal imbalance. Some hormone changes are completely normal and part of a regular functioning, but others can have serious health implications and shouldn’t be ignored.

Here are nine signs that may indicate your hormones are seriously out of whack. If you’re experiencing one or more of these, be sure to talk to your doctor to determine the underlying cause.

You’re Fatigued

Feeling more exhausted or tired than usual? Your hormones may be to blame. Imbalances in hormones can also cause sleep issues, which can lead to chronic tiredness.

“Fatigue is a major symptom for an either under or overactive thyroid gland or diabetes,” endocrinologist Dr. Rocío Salas-Whalen told Simplemost.

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