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Medical Offices of Manhattan

dr josephine julan featured on martha stewart weddings

Fall has started to rival summer as the most coveted time of year to tie the knot, but winter and spring actually aren’t far behind. But there’s more than just love in the air in the months between November and May; there’s also the risk of the flu. As doctors warn, celebrations that take place during flu season can be impacted by germs, coughs, and sniffles. The good news is that you, your soon-to-be spouse, and bridal party can keep yourselves healthy with a few lifestyle choices and shifts in the month or so leading up to your big day. Here, expert-recommended ways to keep flu season from disrupting your vows.


Stay Active

It’s tempting to skip your daily 3-mile jog or that fitness class you signed up for when you already feel strapped for time, attempting to manage wedding planning, working, and existing. But Dr. Josephine Julian, M.D. explains exercise can be a secret tool of defense against the flu.

“Exercise has been shown to play a role in reducing the risk of certain diseases, managing stress levels which are bound to increase as the big day approaches, and boosting the immune system,” she says.

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