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About 5 percent of U.S. adults have ADHD, but relatively few get diagnosed or treated. If these adult ADHD symptoms are negatively affecting your life, see your doctor to talk about getting a proper ADHD diagnosis.

Adult ADHD always begins as childhood ADHD, says Eric Lifshitz, MD, a psychiatrist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica and in private practice in Beverly Hills. Having a history of problems with concentration, focus, organization, and memory your whole life is the primary criteria in diagnosing the ADHD in adults. ‘For adults with ADHD the issues have persisted all their lives. If the problems are a new phenomenon, then it’s not ADHD,’ he explains. ‘There are many, many other reasons that adults can develop these issues, including depression and stress.’ A trained professional can help you find the correct diagnosis to get you the best care.