Thinking business woman in front of question marks drawn on blackboard

“Is pneumonia contagious?”
“How much water should I drink?”
“How many calories should I eat?”
“What is Gluten?”


These are among the top health-related searches on Google in 2015.

The trend toward taking control of our health has only just begun. With online resources, forums and medical chat rooms, it’s no wonder people everywhere are taking advantage of information ready at their fingertips to figure out what may be bugging them.

However, please remember that blindly collecting information without the lens of a medical education can lead some people down the path of wrong diagnoses and hypochondriasis. Instead of worrying, contact your doctor for guidance and support.

What were your wellness questions this year?
It’s not too late to seek answers! See your doctor before the New Year to begin 2016 with a healthy start.

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