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Medical Offices of Manhattan
Meet Dr. Angella Makaha-Lyo | Primary Care | Medical Offices of Manhattan

Dr. Angella Makaha-Lyo is a compassionate and dedicated family medicine physician with a lifelong passion for helping people overcome health struggles and make the best choices for their long-term wellbeing. She understands that some people may have stress or anxiety around visiting the doctor, and strives to create a judgment-free environment to educate and empower her patients so that they fully understand and feel in control of their course of treatment. She aims to treat the whole patient, accounting for the ways that the body and mind interact and not just curing disease but also helping to create a healthy mindset and setting attainable goals to achieve optimal health outcomes. Ideally, this is not a journey that patients have to take alone, and Dr. Makaha-Lyo believes strongly in the importance of a collaborative support system of friends and loved ones to help each patient reach their goals.

My name is Dr. Angella Makaha-Lyo. I am a primary care physician here in Medical Offices of Manhattan. So I’m a family medicine physician. I did my residency training at Hackensack University Medical Center at Mountainside in New Jersey. Ever since I was very young, like around age seven, I always knew that I wanted to be in medicine. It was just a matter of which field that I wanted to be in. As I progressed, I found myself more drawn to primary care because I get to see patients with different problems. And me being the gatekeeper, trying to figure out exactly what their need is and where they need to go from there, and that’s something that I found passionate and want to enjoy.

Getting a good primary care physician can make a big difference from getting the patient the right diagnosis as quickly as possible versus delayed care if that’s not addressed properly. So I think we really need strong primary care physicians, and I’m very passionate about that. I have little hobbies, like crochet. I like to crochet little baby blankets and things like that I give out to different people. And I also get involved in my community. I’m originally from Zimbabwe. We have a large Zimbabwe community in the US. So I get involved in teaching about primary care, preventative care, things like that. To me, patient care means taking care of the whole patient. How are they doing at work? How is their family life? Are they facing any challenges that I can help them tackle, so that they’re their best?