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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Dr. Kakoulas is the most incredible doctor and person; I consider being her patient one of my great fortunes! Not only do I always feel as though Dr. Kakoulas is up to speed on the latest in medical advances, science, information, innovations and studies – leading to current, modern, timely and highly relevant guidance and practices – but she is as thorough and thoughtful as they come. I’ve had not one, but two other doctors of mine comment on and praise the judgement and approach of Dr. Kakoulas when asking me about my health and history — high marks from other New York City doctors equally accomplished in their respected fields. On top of Dr. Kakoulas’ tremendous aptitude as a doctor, she is a wonderful, caring person. I never feel rushed with her or like she’s half-listening to me; even though I am healthy and only see her once a year, she has an amazing memory for me, my medical history, familial history and health-related priorities. She is wonderful.