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Medical Offices of Manhattan

I’m really appreciative of the care team that I have at MoM UES under Dr. Zaw. I’ve gone through many doctors and physicals before and I was really impressed at how thorough Dr. Zaw was at administering all the tests I needed based on my expressed concerns and referring me to other doctors the same day that specialize in those areas of concerns. Dr. Zaw is also efficient at remembering to order any medications we discussed. She does so after every appointment, which is amazing because it is ready to be picked up by the time I make it back home. When we got my results back she walked me through each line and page versus doctors I’ve had in the past who just simply say they didn’t find anything to worry about and then end the appointment quickly then and there. I also appreciate her nurse who is extremely kind and attentive and mindful of my gender/pronouns. I feel very safe and cared for here.