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Medical Offices of Manhattan

All the care staff was very kind, especially Dr. Alex. The one annoying thing is that you have to get bloodwork after your appointment, and then if you want to discuss the results you have to make an additional appointment. It would make much more sense to do the bloodwork in advance then discuss at the appointment, or otherwise receive a follow-up call from the doctor confirming whether or not the results are of concern or not. The nurses in charge of the bloodwork also spent a long time berating me for not drinking water in the 10 minutes before getting the blood draw, even though I had drank multiple glasses before my appointment. I was lightheaded and having a panic attack and the nurses seemed more concerned about getting me out as soon as possible and ranting about my water intake rather than making sure I wasn’t going to pass out. I’ve had bloodwork done many times and that particular part of the experience left a sour taste especially because the office was so lovely otherwise