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Meredith B

I really liked Dr Geneste! And I think everyone at that office was very nice and friendly.

Jaleesa J

I was a first time patient with Dr. Geneste last year and decided to see her again for another annual check-up. She is very knowledgeable and seems concerned for my overall health. I look forward to visiting her...

Yu-ming K

Very professional and Dr. Geneste was easy to get along with. Felt comfortable, it was a nice office too!

Shannon F

Staff was amazing, accept one employee at the front desk, she wasn’t very nice, nor was her demeanor welcoming, very rude in fact. But everyone else was very nice. Would come back, just avoid that lady.


She’s extremely professional and kind. Definitely going to keep her as my PCP. She’s just wonderful

COVID-19 Patient Safety

Patient safety is our utmost priority at The Medical Offices of Manhattan. Our staff has exercised diligent efforts to maximize safety measures to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome while visiting us.

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