Getting enough sleep, exercising and not smoking are all vitally important to your great health. But, this list of critically important factors of course could not be complete without including a well-balanced, nutrient filled diet. March is National Nutrition month so it’s the perfect time to be aware of what we’re eating and to remind ourselves to make smart food choices.

Take the time this month to think about how you can be sure to always have nutritious foods nearby like fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurt and a variety of nuts. Fresh eggs and oatmeal along with high-fiber (and low sugar) cereals with low fat milk are great, as well.

When it comes to meals, go for healthier options such as baked chicken, fish, salads, lean and organic meats. Supplement your meats with leafy greens, legumes, brown rice, beans and lentils. You can even opt to replace meats at some or all meals with soy products and other healthy meat substitutes.

Remember that there’s no one diet that is right for everyone, so it’s important to follow a healthful eating plan that’s packed with tasty foods and that keeps your unique lifestyle in mind.

If you’ve never done so in the past, now could be the best time to reach out to a registered dietician to learn how you can incorporate fun, healthy foods into your everyday meals. You can also speak with our medical staff for guidance on healthy eating for life.

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