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Medical Offices of Manhattan

Whether you suffer from occasional or severe allergies or asthma, Medical Offices of Manhattan has the diagnostic and treatment programs that you need to stay active and continue with your daily routine.

Our Allergy specialists offer individualized care based on your history, diagnostic testing to identify potential allergens, and tailored treatment to minimize symptoms.

Lifestyle changes can also make a big difference in living with allergies and asthma. Our doctors will give you pertinent information to make decisions in diet, OTC medicine, remedies, and other care solutions.

Whether it is through hygiene and avoidance measures, medications, or immunotherapy (allergy shots or allergy drops) we will find the relief and comfort you need.

We are prepared to help with any nasal condition. If you have these symptoms call for an appointment:

Nasal Congestion
Itchy and Runny nose

We also treat most other allergies such as:

Let Medical Offices of Manhattan help you prepare for the NYC allergy season.  To book an appointment with an NYC allergy doctor, please call 212-398-1709.