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Blog A New Warning to Expecting Mothers

Pregnant? Hoping to become pregnant? Know a loved one who is? Read this now. No amount of alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy. A new study revealed that all forms of alcohol at all stages of pregnancy can be dangerous. While this may appear to be a well-known fact, there are mothers-to-be who continue […]

Posted on October 21 2015
Blog NYPD Blue Goes Pink with Free Mammograms

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, New York City’s 81st Precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn) is helping its residents receive health screenings. On October 19th (today!), the precinct partners with Interfaith Medical Center to provide its residents free mammograms and pink ribbons. Shuttle servies will take women from the precinct to the hospital. This October, […]

Posted on October 19 2015
Blog Control Your Risk Factors for Breast Cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Are you at risk for breast cancer? Do you have a family history of breast cancer? You may not be able to change your genetics, but there are ways to control your risk of breast cancer. The following factors are actionable: 1. Weight. Having a BMI (body mass index) […]

Posted on October 16 2015
Blog Trying to Maintain, Lose or Gain Weight?

Online calculators are available to generate your approximate calorie ‬needs for a day. Do you know your number? Are you conscious of your calorie intake? While it may be too difficult for many of us to consciously keep track of every bite and snack in a day, it is helpful to have a general idea in order […]

Posted on October 14 2015
Blog How Much Do You Know about Germs?

Are you ready for flu season? As the weather gets colder and our bodies work harder, our immune systems are often compromised. Need a refresher on Germs101? Watch this  video  for children which clearly explains what germs are, where they flourish and how to avoid them. Share with your kids, family and friends to keep everyone healthy […]

Posted on October 12 2015
Blog Cancer-free: How Are Elephants Escaping the Deadly Disease?

Cancer-free: how are elephants escaping the deadly disease? It turns out that elephants not only have great memory – they are also very unlikely to develop cancer. Although cancer often comes with age and cell growth – and elephants live up to 70 years and grow from 200 to 12,000 pounds as they mature – […]

Posted on October 9 2015