The Link of Sleep and Weight Loss

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s Primary Care Physician, Lisa Alex,MD, speaks to LiveStrong about the link between sleep and weight loss. What are the recommended hours of sleep each night? While needs vary from person to person, most people function best at 7 to 9...

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The Truth About Vaccines

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s cardiologist, Robert Segal, MD speaks to NYMetroParents about the common misconceptions about vaccines. What are some common misconceptions about vaccines/ what drives parents to believe them? One popular misconception regarding vaccines...

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40 Things Doctors Say Affect Your Health After 40

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s otolaryngologist specialist, Daniel Kim, DO, speaks to BestLife about Things Doctors Say Affect Your Health After 40 He’s quoted as saying: "Excessive abdominal fat—aka the love handles and the beer-belly or 'dad-bod'—is especially...

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How To Maintain Healthy Breasts

Written By: Kamila Seilhan, DO October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide. While there is no consensus on the cause of breast cancer, there is sufficient scientific evidence on what can reduce the risks of developing it. And, the influence we have regarding...

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What Vaping Actually Does To Your Body

Medical Offices of Manhattan’s own Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, Denise Pate, M.D., speaks about the affects of vaping with Eat This, Not That!  She’s quoted as saying: The formaldehyde found in many vaping liquids is a known eye irritant. "While...

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Talk to Your Doctor Before You Start Taking Supplements

One of our Cardiologists from our sister practice Manhattan Cardiology and co-founder of LabFinder, Rober Segal, MD, was quoted in a Reader's Digest article about taking supplements. He was quoted saying:  “A supplement, just from the word itself, is meant to...

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7 Energizing Moves to Replace Your Afternoon Coffee Habit

One of our Internists Denise Pate, MD, was interviewed by NBC News Better to discuss 7 energizing moves to replace your afternoon coffee habit. She's quoted as saying: “Depending on how caffeine impacts a person should help predict how it can effect their sleep...

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Hidden Health Hazards At Your 4th of July BBQ

One of our Cardiologists and co-founder of LabFinder, Robert Segal, MD, was interviewed by the New York Post to discuss the hidden health hazards at your 4th of July BBQ. He’s quoted as saying: Picnics look good on Instagram, but if you leave food “unrefrigerated or...

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Check Up With Dr. Denise Pate

How well do you know your doctor? In most cases, probably not all that well. At Medical Offices of Manhattan, we couldn’t be more proud of our roster of highly-trained physicians and that includes the brilliant Dr. Denise Pate. A Rhodes Scholarship finalist and...

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Six Diseases Often Mistaken for Mental Disorders

It just so happens, anxiety and depression are not solely indicative of a mental health disorder. Sometimes, these dark sentiments are actually symptoms of physical medical issues. It’s a fine line, as symptoms of mood disorders and physical health issues unravel in...

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